About dolphin therapy center

Dolphin therapy is a modern, unparalleled method of treating and correcting many diseases and developmental disorders, both in children and adults. Playing sessions with dolphins produce favorable effect on psycho-emotional state of children, improving their mood, calming them down, helping establish trusting contact with the surrounding world. On physical side, dolphin therapy relieves muscular strain and strengthens muscles, improves motorics and blood flow.

Nemo Dolphin Therapy Center Berdiansk was opened 7 years ago. During this time, we have gained huge experience in rehabilitation of children and developed highly-effective, quality methods of treating delayed mental and speech development, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, musculoskeletal system diseases and other disorders. Our experienced specialists regularly attend training courses for dolphin therapists, continuously improve their skills, and keep up with the latest developments in health improvement sphere.

Nemo Dolphin Therapy Center Berdiansk is located in a popular resort area in Southern Ukraine, on the shore of the Sea of Azov. A distinguishable feature of the Sea of Azov is that it quickly warms up in the summer and stays warm until fall, not having sharp temperature drops. Thanks to such a favorable combination of factors, this sea is the best suitable place for a summer vacation with children.

Our center offers dolphin therapy courses from June to September, so you can aptly combine effective treatment at our center with a vacation on the shore of a warm sea during the peak vacation season.

Communication and sessions with dolphins, swimming in sea, strolls by the seashore and healthy sea air greatly increase the chances for fast recovery.

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