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Dolphin-assisted therapy Berdyansk

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To sign up for dolphin-assisted therapy in Berdyansk you can from 27th of May 2013.


Dolphin-assisted therapy is a unique complex, non-specific treatment, method of correction and psycho emotional prophylaxis and psycho somatic problems. Taking into consideration that this method is very unique and natural – dolphin-assisted therapy in Berdyansk is accessible as for patients who suffer of different diseases as for practically healthy people. Dolphinarium «Nemo» offers the unique program of complex treatment and prophylaxis of diseases. The program includes elements of gaming therapy, art therapy, holding therapy, behavior and social-cognitive therapy. Such methodology allows making treatment maximum effective and fruitful.

Positive interaction with an animal becomes the basis for psychological effect. Dolphins become a positive emotional stimulant that influence on emotional, communicative and cognitive functions of the person and contributed of social skills improvement.

Dolphin-assisted therapy includes and gaming therapy also. Dolphin with its natural anatomical “smile”, with friendliness and interest to a child, contribute of forming a contact and fixing a positive communicative model of behaving. During the session dolphin and a child become real friends. Dolphin interacts a child in gaming process, attracts attention to itself and asking for reaction back from the partner.

We should notice that the treatment with the help of dolphins among psychological influence has physiological influence also, that includes sonophoresis (ultrasonic influence at the cellular level) and thalassotherapy (physiological effect of swimming that normalizes the work of body and its organ systems). Dolphin-assisted therapy eventuate that a brain starts to produce bigger number of endorphins, hormones, that improve immune system, and also are very important for mechanisms of memory, dreaming, activates abstract thinking and ability to learn.

Dolphin-assisted therapy is able to:

  • To correct maladaptive emotional and behavior effect.
  • To develop speech and psychomotor functions.
  • To conduct correction of psychological development of people who suffer of different diseases of nervous system.
  • To reduce neurotic and vegetative-vascular reactions.
  • To remove chronic pain.
  • To reduce psycho-somatic disorders.
  • To reduce involuntary movements, tics and spasms.
  • To conduct psycho-rehabilitation.
  • To prepare a rehabilitation and prophylaxis of a program for children and adults from regions with bad ecological situation.
  • To develop social skills.
  • To organize both leisure and relaxation for healthy people: children and adults.

Animal-assisted therapy is a well-known and well-spread method of treatment all around the world. Dolphin-assisted therapy is used to treat as children as adults. Conditions of big industrial city, harmful influence of polluted environment, impact of computer and TV, poor nutrition, all these factors affecting the deterioration of people health and quality of life in general.

For overall health following exercises should be used: physical education and sport, vacation resort, creative art. Dolphin-assisted therapy can become one more opportunity for health improvement without pills and potions, and for improving family relations.